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When disaster strikes your Yuma home or business through fire or flood, it can bring your life to a sudden halt. But there's no need to worry—Mint Restoration is here to swiftly and efficiently restore order and peace to your world! We specialize in building restoration, tackling everything from fire damage to water damage cleanup with unmatched professionalism and speed.

Our services in restoration, remediation, and abatement are top-notch, and we'd be privileged to demonstrate our commitment to excellence by helping you bring your Yuma property back to its pre-disaster glory.

With over 30 years of experience, Mint Restoration stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability. Our team is extensively trained through prestigious organizations like the IICRC, RIA, and The National Institute of Disaster Restoration, among others.

We take our commitment to the Yuma community seriously, ensuring that when you entrust us with your property, we deliver nothing but the best in efficiency and professionalism.

Choosing Mint Restoration means opting for a team dedicated to alleviating your concerns fast. We pride ourselves on offering 60-minute on-site services to the Yuma area, ensuring rapid response times to evaluate and mitigate any damage swiftly.

If your residential or commercial property in Yuma could benefit from any of our building restoration, remediation, or abatement services, don't hesitate to reach out. We are eager to help restore your property to its original state as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact Mint Restoration today and let us help you move past this disaster!

What Is Building Restoration?

Imagine a building that hasn’t been restored. It appears neglected, unprotected, and deteriorating, doesn't it? Building restoration is the unsung hero of architecture, silently preserving history and integrity to keep structures safe, proud, and resilient. It’s more than just a repair job; it’s a renewal, a guardian of heritage, and often, a transformation of spaces.

Choosing the right restoration approach can transform an aging structure into a rejuvenated landmark. Whether it’s the robust charm of restored brickwork, the revived elegance of historical facades, or the integrity of strengthened foundations, building restoration plays a pivotal role in reviving a structure’s soul. But beyond aesthetics, a well-restored building embodies durability. It stands firm against time and elements, ensuring that the stories and significance it carries are preserved for future generations.

So, whether you’re rescuing a landmark from decay or modernizing a classic for continued use, remember: restoration is not just about fixing what's broken—it’s about safeguarding a legacy. Give it the attention it deserves. Dive deep into the world of building restoration with us, explore its many aspects, and discover how the right restoration work can elevate both the form and function of your space.

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Mint Restoration's Flexible Financing:

Personalized Financing Solutions for Your Restoration Projects

Unleash your project's potential with our exciting financing solutions.

Our team of certified builders is poised to offer tailor-made advice, empowering you to make savvy choices for your restoration triumph.

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Professional Building Restoration Near You

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Proximity &

Looking for "building restoration near me" in Yuma, AZ?

You've come to the right place! Mint Restoration is more than just local; we're an integral part of your community.

Our strong local presence ensures we're readily available and well-versed in the unique architectural and historical requirements of buildings in Yuma, AZ. This convenience is just one of the many reasons we're recognized as the top building restoration provider in the area.

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As a company rooted in Yuma, AZ, we possess a profound understanding of the unique architectural styles and historical significance of buildings in the area.

This regional knowledge enables us to carry out building restoration projects that are perfectly suited for structures in Yuma, AZ and its surrounding area, extending up to a 50-mile radius.

Our expertise in developing restoration solutions that honor the original character while enhancing durability is unparalleled, making us the leading choice for building restoration services in the region.

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Craftsmanship isn't solely a matter of skill—it's driven by passion.

And our team at Mint Restoration is brimming with it. Dedicated to excellence in every project, whether large or small, we ensure that your building restoration is executed with the utmost care, precision, and respect for both heritage and modern standards.

Our steadfast commitment to excellence is what sets us apart, making us a standout choice for anyone searching for the "best building restoration company near me."

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Delivering exceptional restoration work requires the use of top-quality materials.

At our building restoration company, Mint Restoration, we adhere to this fundamental principle and have forged partnerships with premier suppliers, ensuring that every restoration project we undertake is equipped with the finest materials available in the industry.

This commitment helps us preserve and enhance the structural integrity and aesthetic value of each building we restore.

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Pricing Model:

Trust is foundational in the building restoration industry.

Our transparent pricing model ensures that when you receive an estimate from us, there are no hidden costs or surprises.

This commitment to transparency and honesty reinforces our reputation as the leading building restoration company in Yuma, AZ.

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We do more than just restore buildings; we build lasting relationships. Once your building restoration project is complete, our engagement with you doesn’t end.

Through dedicated post-restoration support and routine maintenance services, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to both our craftsmanship and our clients. This enduring dedication is what positions us as the top choice for those seeking "building restoration services" in Yuma, AZ and the neighboring regions.

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What Sets Us Apart

Mint Restoration is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and quality in every project.
We specialize in restoring and preserving the architectural integrity of each building, ensuring superior craftsmanship.

At Mint Restoration, our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the importance of our clients' investments,
and we strive to exceed their expectations with exceptional service and personal attention to every detail.

Our team consists of certified restoration experts with extensive knowledge and experience in building restoration.
We ensure all projects meet industry standards and preserve the historical accuracy and structural integrity of each building.

We use the highest quality materials tailored to building restoration, collaborating with top suppliers to ensure durability and aesthetics.
Our approach combines traditional techniques with modern technology to achieve the best results.

mint restoration truck on display An exhibition booth for Mint Restoration Two workers repairing a damaged tiled roof with tools and materials around them. A modern kitchen with white marble countertops


Water and flood damage can be devastating, swiftly compromising the structural integrity and safety of any building. Our expert water and flood damage repair services are designed to quickly address and remediate the effects of water intrusion, restoring your property to its pre-damage condition.

We focus on rapid response and thorough restoration to minimize the impact on your space and ensure a safe, dry, and secure environment. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a natural disaster, we are here to help you recover efficiently and effectively.

Costs of Building Restoration in Yuma, AZ

Factors Influencing Building Restoration

Size and


The larger and more complex the building, the higher the cost of restoration. A larger building requires more materials and labor.

Complexity factors in elements like the architectural details, the number of stories, and the need for specialized equipment.



Different building restoration materials vary significantly in price. Common options include natural stone, brick, timber, and stucco.

Each material has its own price point, durability, and aesthetic appeal, catering to different restoration needs and architectural styles.



Labor costs for building restoration can differ markedly depending on the materials and techniques involved. Common choices for restoration include natural stone, brick masonry, wood, and plaster.

Each material comes with its own cost implications, durability, and aesthetic influence on the project.



Occasionally, during a building restoration project, unforeseen issues such as water damage or structural deficiencies may come to light.

Addressing these additional problems will inevitably add to the overall cost of the project.

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Building Restoration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Building Restoration

Q: What are common materials used in building restoration?

Building restoration often involves materials like natural stone, brick, lime-based mortars, and historically accurate replicas of original materials. The choice depends on the structure's historical significance and current condition.

Q: How long does a building restoration project usually take?

The duration of a building restoration project can vary widely, depending on the scale of the project and the condition of the building. Minor restorations may take a few months, while extensive restorations of large or severely damaged buildings can take several years.

Q: Is it necessary to restore the entire building if only a part of it is damaged?

Not always. If the damage is localized, it may be possible to restore just that section. However, a thorough assessment by a restoration specialist is essential to ensure that the integrity of the entire structure is not compromised.

Q: What is the cost of a typical building restoration?

The cost of building restoration can vary greatly based on the building's size, historical value, the extent of damage, and the specific restoration practices required. Costs can range from a few thousand dollars for minor repairs to several million for extensive restorations.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required after restoring a building?

Post-restoration maintenance is crucial and includes regular inspections to monitor the building's condition, immediate repairs of any minor damages, and preventive measures to protect against environmental threats. It's also important to adhere to guidelines that protect the building's historical integrity.